Skate Games Booklet is now available in 13 languages!

Some great news for the Global Goodpush Community: our Skate Games booklet is now available in 13 languages! 

We launched the booklet in April last year, and we’ve been stoked to see how you guys have been using it in your sessions.  The booklet contains 20 games which all involve skateboarding. It’s a great way to make lessons more engaging and fun, so we’re super excited that this resource is now more widely accessible across the world!

This booklet is a real team effort: the translations were made possible by members of the Goodpush community who kindly volunteered their time and skills, allowing us to share the resource with many more projects than before.  

The booklet is now available in:

Whilst these booklets are intended to be used in sessions with groups of students, Social Skate Projects which are unable to run sessions due to the current coronavirus pandemic should feel free to share the booklet directly with the community!  Some of the games can be done alone or with family, if there are students who have their own skateboards.

They can be downloaded, printed and made at home, just follow the steps in this video: