Announcing The Skateistan E-Learning Platform!

We are delighted to announce Skateistan's new E-Learning Platform, the first online learning platform dedicated to social skateboarding projects!


So What's It All About?

We are often asked by social skateboarding projects for training courses and other ways for teams of staff and volunteers to build their knowledge and improve their practices. So we decided to put together the first ever online learning platform specifically for the needs and best practices of social skateboarding projects. We have designed several Goodpush courses for all levels – so whether you’re at the beginning stages of setting up your organization, or you’ve been operating for years, we hope you’ll find something for you.

The intention of our E-Learning Platform is to centralize the main topics which social skateboarding projects worldwide have stated they would like extra knowledge or training in. We believe that these courses will enable skateboarding initiatives to strengthen their knowledge base; in order to provide safer, more inclusive programs which prioritize staff and participant wellbeing.

Which Courses Are Available?

Our Learning Lab features Goodpush e-courses on topics related to: 

This is just the start though! We will continue to update the platform with more courses and resources, so make sure you keep checking back for the updates and let us know if you have any suggestions of courses that would be useful for your organization.

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How Can these E-Courses Help You?

  • You can use the e-courses as a training tool for your team – as an on-boarding process for all new staff members/volunteers to work through or as an annual refresher for your whole team in order to keep up best practices. 
  • To learn new ideas for your skate / educational programs and lesson planning – there might be some useful tips in there you haven't tried out, or the courses may get your imagination flowing for a brainstorming session with your team.
  • Especially with the Child Protection and Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning courses – you can mention that your team have all completed these online courses when applying for funding and grants. It will show diligence and thoroughness to mention that you are refreshing on these trainings on a regular basis and always working to improve practices.


Great! How Do I Get Set Up?

Our e-courses are available for free to all registered members of If you already have an account, simply click the "Login with Goodpush" button on The Learning LAB login page. If you don't have a Goodpush account yet, you can register hereSee our short video below for instructions of how to register and log-in to the e-learning platform. Once you've done that you are good to go and explore all the courses available there!

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A massive thank you to Penceo Sport for sponsoring Skateistan with pro-bono use of their simple and interactive TheLearning LAB e-learning platform.