Announcing the Pushing Against Racism Fund Grantees!

We are very excited to share the selected grantees with you for the first Pushing Against Racism Fund! It was incredibly inspiring to learn about all the great initiatives around the world using skateboarding to promote diversity and boost inclusivity, and we can't wait to see how their projects develop!


We received more than 80 applications across the six continents, of which 28 proposals were shortlisted by the Pushing Against Racism Working Group and passed on to our panel of expert Jury Members from each continent. The projects were assessed on the diversity they display in their leadership teams, within the communities they serve, as well as on the social value of the proposed initiative. 

We have now selected 16 organizations across 13 countries to receive a total of $12,000 in grants. These organizations submitted outstanding proposals which aim to improve the physical and mental well-being of disenfranchised communities, promote greater racial equity within skateboarding, and to provide access to skateboarding in underserved communities. 

The various projects will be carried out throughout 2022, so check out the successful organizations below and give them a follow to stay up-to-date with the amazing things they're doing!

Melanin Skate Gals & Pals (England), credits: Hannah Bailey

The Selected Projects per Continent:


  1. $1200 – Dencity.Ng – Nigeria
  2. $500 – Mams Park* South Africa
  3. $300 – Skate Liberia


  1. $1200 – 7hills for Social Development Jordan
  2. $800 – Drug Free Malaysia


  1. $1200 – Melanin Gals & Pals UK
  2. $800 – Mama Skate CIC – UK

North America 

  1. $1200 – Ucanskate** – Mexico
  2. $500 – Black Girls Skate USA
  3. $300 – SHEshreddin*** – USA


  1. $1200 – Skate Timor – East Timor
  2. $500 – Skateboarding Papua New Guinea
  3. $300 – We Skate QLD**** – Australia

South America 

  1. $1200 – Love CT  Brazil
  2. $500 – Associação Circuito Inclusão  Brazil
  3. $300 – Deslizate*****  Argentina
Mams Park (South Africa), credits: @Biyagram

About the Fund:

The Pushing Against Racism Fund was created by the Pushing Against Racism Working Group, as a direct action to promote an anti-racist culture in the skateboarding community worldwide. The Goodpush Alliance is thrilled to be coordinating the first Fund which financially supports greater diversity and inclusivity within skateboarding.

Note on the selection process: All eligible applications were reviewed by two members of the Pushing Against Racism working group, before a shortlist was sent to an expert jury for final selection. To avoid conflict of interest, any applicant projects/organizations with members on the Pushing Against Racism working group were assessed independently by two other working group members, and if shortlisted, assessed by two expert jury members for the final selection.

*funds will be received via Tateni Community

**via International Community Foundation 

***via Poseiden Foundation

****via Bloom Skateboarding

*****via Longboard Women United