Accessible Skateparks Report – Now Published!

We are pleased to announce that the full survey report on accessible skateparks is now published!

In 2020, the Goodpush Alliance launched a global Accessible Skateparks Survey, in collaboration with Drop In e.V. and SEHstern e.V.. The goal of the survey was to find out how to make skateparks more accessible for everyone. We reached out specifically to skaters with disabilities and WCMXers to ensure their perspectives were included. 

We then shared the survey results in a webinar last month with many special guests and experts on making skateparks more accessible. This led to a very engaged discussion with a lot of new perspectives and ideas to consider, especially for adaptive skateboarding and WCMX.

The final survey report includes findings from both the survey and the webinar discussion, and can be downloaded below as a PDF.

Click to see the survey report!

The PDF is free to share, so please send it to everyone that you think would find it useful.

You can also view a slideshow version of the survey results here

Lily Rice getting massive air. Credit: @eckersphoto

Part 2 of the Survey is Now Live!

One of the key points from our webinar was the need for gathering additional data on how to make skateparks more accessible. So we have decided to launch a second survey in the hope of reaching many more adaptive skaters and WCMXers. The survey is designed so you can fill it out fast and easily, while still collecting a lot of valuable content. Most of the answer options are based on the results of the first survey. Click below to check it out!


Button: do the survey now!


If you have already filled out the last survey, you don't have to do this one again. But it would be amazing if all of you can help by spreading it for us! Please share the link with everyone involved in Adaptive Skateboarding / WCMX. 

Webinar Panelists from our Feb.19th Event

Online Event Update

Lastly, in case you missed it, you can check out a recording of the Accessible Skateparks Webinar (link here) that we hosted in February, along with six special guests! We are already planning a second webinar, which will likely take place in May or June. 


Photo in top banner: Dan Mancina, frontside crooked grind. Credit: @sadcardio