2021 Social Skateboarding Survey Results Are Out!
How have social skateboarding projects worldwide adapted their programs in order to respond to the uncertain global changes?
Take part in the 2021 Survey of Social Skateboarding Projects Worldwide!
It’s the time again – Skateistan and Pushing Boarders are calling on all social skate projects to participate in our 4th annual survey of social skateboarding worldwide!
Mapping and Supporting Brazilian Social Skate Projects
Learn about two Brazilian organizations that are mapping and supporting nearly 40 social skate projects in Brazil. 
2020 Social Skateboarding Survey results are out!
See the newly published report on the big picture aims, impact and activities of social skate projects around the world in 2020. This is the 3rd edition of the survey by Skateistan x Pushing Boarders.
Take Part in the 2020 Social Skateboarding Survey
Take Part in the 2020 Social Skateboarding Survey and help us gather a better picture of the world's social skateboarding scene!