Take Part in the 2020 Social Skateboarding Survey

Skateistan and Pushing Boarders are calling on all social skate projects to participate in our 3rd annual survey on social skateboarding worldwide! 

Last year, 124 social skateboarding projects worldwide filled in the survey, and we want to hear from even more this year!

This data helps us gather a better picture of the world’s social skateboarding scene and to create a wider understanding of how social skateboarding projects create change around the world.

This year, we’ve updated the survey questions to cover two important topics. Firstly, we added questions about inclusivity of staff and participants as well as how social skateboarding projects are addressing racism. Secondly, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting most social skate project activities worldwide, we would like to know how this has affected you and how you are adapting.

Why should you take part in this survey?

  1. Your project will be added to the Goodpush social skateboarding map. This map already shows 200+ skate projects worldwide and is an amazing resource for connecting with one another!
  2. The results will be shared online so you can learn about the other existing projects! Each year, the survey results are published (see our 2019 report) so that the information is accessible to everyone.
  3. The data is extremely helpful for social skate projects to get support and the resources they need. It also helps Skateistan come up with new ways to support social skate projects through our Goodpush Alliance.

So if you are a founder, staff member, or a volunteer in a project that uses skateboarding for social change, please fill out this 10 minute survey. If you filled it out in past years, please fill it out again. This way, we can show how our community is growing each year, and get a snapshot of how COVID-19 has affected our work – as well as how we have adapted in spite of the challenges!


Click here to do the survey!