Skate Games Booklet - 20 Ideas for Skateboarding Lessons

We're super excited to finally announce the release of our Goodpush Skate Games Booklet! The idea to make this came from recently collecting a big list of fun and creative skateboarding-based games at the Skateistan Skate Schools, and realizing that there was nothing online about games you can play during skateboarding lessons. 

The Skate Games Booklet features 20 game ideas that all involve skateboarding somehow. It's free to download and we've shared instructions below on how to print your own booklet on any regular printer!

Playing games on skateboards not only make lessons more fun, they also help new skaters learn to control their board, balance, and keep an eye out for others around them within the skatepark. Other benefits of playing skate games include:

  • Learning and practicing new skate skills without consciously thinking about it
  • Games help participants to build other (non-skate) skills like cooperation, teamwork and creativity
  • Games can make even a flat piece of concrete more interesting and challenging to skate
  • Many games can be played by almost any level of skateboarder, which encourages skaters of different levels to work together
  • Games are energizing and easily fill 10-15 minutes of a skate lesson

Get the Skate Games Booklet (PDF) and use it in your next skate lesson!

Click to download
A peek inside the booklet... Featuring 20 games on skateboards!


You can also print the booklet yourself using this high-resolution PDF, already laid out and ready to print. To get the best results (especially if you don't have a double-sided printer), watch our short video tutorial below.


We'd love to do a 2nd edition with even more skate games, so if you have some ideas to contribute, send them over to goodpush(at)!

You can watch our video of some of the skate games in action below:

Let us know how you use the booklet and tag @thegoodpush in photos/videos of the games in action!