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Hi everyone,

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Together with some skaters we're planning on building a skatepark in El Paredon, Guatemala. The past weeks we have been organising skate sessions for the local kids and they're super stoked :)). Only the parents are a bit holding back because they obviously don't know that much about skating and are a bit scared it's too dangerous. Because of this we want to organise a movienight after the next skate session for everyone in town and especially the parents of the kids to give some more information and to show the positive benefits of skating. 

Because of this I wanted to ask if anyone has some good skate movie recomendations for Spanish speaking skate movies, since we want to keep it accesible for everyone to understand. Preferabely a documentary about a social skate project that already exists (South/Central America). I've been looking around a bit but I still wanted to ask for any recomendations and tips. 

If people have other tips to involve parents into this skateproject feel free to let me know :)).

Looking forward to your replies and thanks for the effort!

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Hey MartaMeers! So great to hear about your project and park build in Guatemala! I wonder if there are any other skate projects in the country? Personally, I haven't come across any. 

I reached out to some friends at Skatesencia Chile to ask them for some Spanish-speaking materials. They shared these two videos with me so far and will send some more soon:

This is a testimony video from the participants of Skatesencia in Chile! With people from different ages, it's short but beautiful: 

And this one is in spanish and english but you can also activate the subtitles for the english parts: 

I'll share the others with you when I receive them.

You can also check out our toolkit page on Community Engagement:


Best of luck!