WEBINAR TOPIC: Accessible Skatepark Projects in Action


  • New Line Skateparks – Ryan Crane, Kanten Russell, Everett Tetz (USA)
  • Alt Route Project – Curtis Ruttle & Matt Janz (Canada)
  • Swedish Sports Confederation – Fredrik Angner & Niklas Bostrom (Sweden)


  • David Lebuser – Sit’n' Skate / Pro WCMXer
  • Linda Ritterhoff – Drop In. e.V. & SEHstern e.V.
  • Rhianon Bader – Goodpush Alliance / Skateistan

ABOUT: In this session we introduced three real-life projects related to adaptive skateparks from all around the world. The presentation was followed by a Q&A and in-depth discussion. The Accessible Skateparks Survey that we did last year inspired this event series. The Goodpush Alliance, Drop In, SEHstern and Sit’n’Skate want to continue their steps to make skateparks more accessible for everyone.

The event recording is for everyone who wants to make their skatepark and/or skate programs more inclusive. Together with our speakers we wanted to give some ideas and inspiration.