Online event recording – 1h30m

There are now more ‘social skateboarding’ projects and skateboarding-based non-profits than ever before, with new initiatives starting each day, across 60+ countries. During the final session of our Goodpush Summit in September 2021, we spoke to six guests involved in social skateboarding as project founders, donors, skatepark builders, and more – all innovating to support the growth of skateboarding-for-good worldwide in their own way.


  • Rhianon Bader, Goodpush Program Manager at Skateistan (facilitator)
  • Marie Mayassi, Founder of Melanin Gals & Pals
  • Charles-Antoine Bodson, CEO and Founder of The Skateroom
  • Johnny Kalenga, Founder of WeSkate Mongu
  • Lisa Jacob, Founder of Forever Playground
  • Sandro Testinha, Founder of ONG Social Skate
  • Lauro Netto, Marketing and Communication Manager at the Brazilian Skateboarding Confederation