The MindPower Coach’s Guide is a series of 9 interpersonal activities that can be completed in 30 minutes or less. Experienced facilitators or “Coaches” use the evidence-based activities to promote mindfulness practices and resiliency skills with adolescents.

The following principles guide the MindPower Coach’s Guide:

  • Open-source. The coach’s guide is available upon request to organizations, businesses, and governments seeking to improve mindfulness and resiliency among adolescents.
  • Modular. Activities can be integrated as an additional layer to supplement existing youth programming or as a stand-alone mindfulness resource.
  • Adaptable. Each activity includes variations that allow coaches to modify based on age/comfort/experience of participants.
  • Progression/Experiential. Similar to physical fitness, the mindfulness activities allow participants to progress and see their improvement over time.
  • Seamlessly integrates into existing platforms. In addition to the scripted mindfulness activities, the curriculum (and training) help coaches identify and capitalize on unscripted “teachable moments” during sports training, life skills sessions, and casual interactions with participants.
  • Common rituals and structure. Each session follows a similar format, including a consistent introduction, activity, discussion, and closing ritual where participants explore their feelings, discuss ways to integrate mindfulness activities into their lives, and collectively identify potential obstacles and develop strategies to address them.

Created by Health Warriors and Waves for Change