On Friday, February 19th, we will hold our next Goodpush webinar, this time on the topic of Accessible Skateparks. Six panelists will be talking about adaptive skatepark usage and design so that skateparks can be made more accessible for everyone, particularly skatepark users with disabilities. We will also share some of the findings from the survey we ran on this topic last year, and gain final input for the report we will publish after the webinar together with Drop In and SEHstern. 


  • Lisa Jacob: Skatepark builder and volunteer for various social skate projects
  • David Lebuser: WCMX pro from Germany
  • Lily Rice: WCMX pro from the UK
  • Dan Mancina: Blind skater and advocate for adaptive skateparks in the US
  • Bilal Mir Bat Zai: Afghan adaptive skater and former skate coach
  • Mandy Young: Founder of Adrenaline Alley skatepark in the UK

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