Skate Trick Cards – 30 Ideas for Challenging Yourself and your Students!

We’re stoked to be announcing our newest free skateboarding class resource… introducing the Goodpush Skate Trick Cards

The cards are grouped into three levels, ranging from Beginner to Advanced, with each level containing ten tricks.  Once you land a trick, you can tick it off the card. Once you’ve done ten, you move up a level!

The cards are a great way to track your students’ progress and encourage them to try new tricks. They can be a fun way of introducing new challenges and can be incorporated into reward systems.

You can download the high-resolution PDF here and easily print them off and cut them out yourself at home!  

Watch the video below to see the Skate Trick Cards in action with Skateistan’s team in Berlin:

We'd be stoked if you tag @thegoodpush in your posts of the Skate Trick Cards in Action 😃.

Although we originally designed these Skate Trick Cards as a tool for staff/volunteers to use during skateboarding classes, we thought they could also be a fun thing for you or your students to use at home (in the courtyard/driveway/garage) during the Coronavirus self-isolation days when it might not be possible to go to the skatepark or skate classes. Share the link with your students or on social media and encourage people to share their progress along the way!

We’re also currently gathering ideas for a ‘silly tricks’ card which will be joining the series once all of our sessions are back up and running. For this, we want your ideas on what to include! If you have any ideas, tag us or send an email to goodpush(at) with suggestions and let’s see who can come up with the most fun tricks!

Our cards cut out and ready to go!