3 Reasons to Do the 2019 Social Skateboarding Survey

Calling all social skate projects! We are running a worldwide survey again this year and need your input! Help gather a picture of the global social skateboarding scene and show how our impact continues to grow each year! 

Last year, in partnership with Pushing Boarders, Skateistan ran the first ever Survey of Social Skateboarding Projects Worldwide. We received 120 responses from 103 different organizations, working in 55+ countries. 

And now we're launching the 2019 Survey of Social Skateboarding Projects Worldwide! The purpose of the survey is to create a better understanding of projects using skateboarding for social change around the world, including your aims, activities, impact and needs.

Here are three reasons to take part in the survey:

1. Your project will be added to the map of social skateboarding! This new map shows who is working in which countries, helping all of us to connect with each other. 

2. The results will be shared online so you can learn more about other projects. Each year, the survey results are published (see our 2018 report) so that the information is accessible to everyone.

3. The data helps social skate projects to get support and the resources they need. Last year's results have helped to shape the Goodpush Toolkit and activities, and helped social skateboarding projects to attract more funding and support for their work.

So if you're involved in a project which uses skateboarding for social change, please take 10 minutes to fill out the survey. And if you filled it out last year, please fill it out again so that we can show how our community is growing each year! It doesn't matter if you're a volunteer or a founder, anyone can fill it out!

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Click above to see last year's report!