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Does anyone have a suggestion for background checks? We've been using a company that charges us a flat rate for the year, but I wanted to see what else is out there and what works for you. 

(We're U.S. based.)





At Skateistan we run a two-fold process for a background check. We ask for reference letters and talk to the referees directly, as well as ask for a police clearance certificate to make sure we are hiring the right people to be in contact with the children. These processes have worked very well for us in Afghanistan, Cambodia, South Africa and here in Berlin. 

It is important to advertise, that for a background check, the final candidates will be asked for reference letters and a police clearance certificate, that people are aware of it and not surprised when you ask them at any point in the hiring process. 

If you are hiring someone who will be closely working with children, please ask the right questions to see if the person has any sort of experiences before or challenges working with children, our Goodpush template of child protection interview questions can be found here

Thanks for sharing this Imran! I've been working on our child protection policies etc for Amsterdam so this comes in really useful.

I've got a follow-up question on the reference letters; do you have demands on who should write this letter (previous manager, teacher, colleague), or is it just anyone who can vouch for you on a professional level? 

Thank you for your follow-up question. Yes, we ask the person to provide a reference letter from their direct supervisor (Ideally). However, in some cases, people are not comfortable with sharing references from their direct supervisors for what so ever reasons. In these rare cases, asking a reference letter from a colleague who the person has worked closely, collaborated or managed some tasks together. Then, asking different questions from these referees on a call will help understand the working relationship with the direct supervisor.