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If you have any tips on how to keep skateboards and safety gear safe from theft and well-maintained, feel free to post them here!

Some of the things that I've seen skate projects do is:

  • Get a storage container or lockable room to store the skate gear in when not in use – and make sure the key is kept with responsible staff or volunteers
  • Keep an inventory list of all your skate equipment, including spare parts. Regularly update it. This will also help you to plan for getting new parts before you run out
  • For "loaner boards": Ask for an ID card or mobile phone to keep until the board is returned
  • Don't loan out more boards than you can keep an eye on and find ways for kids to take turns
  • Wash safety gear regularly – especially in very warm climates
  • Do a maintenance check on boards, helmets etc every couple months and make repairs as needed

What's worked for you?