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Hi all,

Our friends at the surf NGO Waves 4 Change have developed a free attendance-taking app called Coach Assist which makes it super easy to register students and take attendance at your skateboarding and educational sessions. Your data is then saved in the cloud and no need for anymore attendance-taking on paper or with Excel!

Where to download the app:

To see how the app and the admin dashboard work, check out the below Webinar Demo given by Waves 4 Change, specifically for Goodpush members. 



thank you for this!  Perfect for people on the go who are working with lots of kids and few resources!  

Susie, let us know how it goes and if it improves your attendance tracking!

It's designed so that it also gives you real proof about your sessions and who is attending, by prompting you to take a group photo of participants at the start and end of each session and timing the length.

This sort of thing is great to mention in any donor proposals about how you track/measure your activities. 

You guys are amazing. Thanks for the share!