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Hi all,

I was recently posting on our social media when it struck me that it could be a good idea to agree inter-organisationally on a hashtag that would encapsulate all the different social/philanthropic/altruistic skateboarding initiatives that our community on here represent. Something that, when searched for, would result in finding a whole range of different actors that are active across this space. 

I know Goodpush itself has been using #socialskateboarding quite consistently, but Skateistan and others have also been using #skateboardingfordevelopment and other terms. Still others use #skateboardingnonprofit, #skateboardingcharity, #skatecharity or some other derivation of these. 

Should we try to streamline one of these? I think it would be good in order to strengthen our collective presence - to bring forward to the more general public that this is an active and growing sector. 

Do you have any favourite hashtag, and if so, why? 

Personally, while i like #socialskateboarding, I find the 'social' in it a tad vague and imprecise. The term 'social' just means so much else as well besides its altruistic/charitable meaning.The 'development' term is super loaded with colonial connotations so I wouldn't go with that either. Maybe 'charitable' or 'charity' is the way to go? Or something else? 

Generally, what are your thoughts on this?


Have a good one,



Hey Troy,
This is a really cool idea. When I'm posting from the Goodpush account I always feel that this is a bit of a gap. It's a bit tough to find something that works globally I think because "charity" is not used commonly in some countries, with "non-profit", "NGO" or "not-for-profit" being used instead. And I totally see your point about "#socialskateboarding" being vague without context. To be honest when getting Goodpush going it was difficult for us to settle on a term that we use for talking about our sector, and this one seemed to be one of the most straightforward and not too long options, and it's not really used for any other meaning as a hashtag.  

Another term that I think is quite nice and globally applicable is "skateboarding for good", which builds on the whole "sport for good" idea. Maybe #skateboardingforgood is too long? Once we get a few more ideas on here we could run a poll! Or also ask for input/ideas on Instagram?

Hey guys,

Troy - really interesting to hear your thoughts on this.  I can definitely see your point about the connotations of 'development', and the vagueness of social skateboarding.  Although maybe vagueness is ok if we're looking for a broad hashtag to encompass the whole sector?

I agree with you Rhianon that a poll would be a cool idea.  Would love to hear some more ideas for things to include on the poll.  Feel free to post any suggestions!