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In search of a traveler with some available luggage space that is headed to Sulaymaniyah, Iraq (ideally from Europe). I'm looking to send a donation of 4 skateboard decks. If interested, please contact me at




Hey Shane,

I'm in touch with a woman (not a skater but friend of a friend) who may be heading there from Berlin at start of October. I just asked her to let me know if she's going and if she could bring the decks, but I guess it may be tricky to get the decks to Berlin before then. Will keep you posted if I hear of anyone else too. 

Hey Rhianon,

I could probably get them sent to Berlin if she were willing to take them. Let me know. Thank you!!!


- Shane 


Hey Shane,

It seems like she's not going anymore unfortunately. If that changes will keep you posted. 

No worries, thank for trying!