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I just caught word of the VSC's plans to host a skateboard advocacy expo and skate jam in False Creek in Vancouver at the end of October called SmorgasBoard. Sounds like Vancouver's answer to Malmo Sweden from what I gather and it's about friggin time too. So many great minds here let me tell you. Hopfully we gain some much need traction as we've been spinning our wheels in the sand for some time now...getting complacent with all our parks. Time to turn it up a notch.

Anyway, one thought I keep having is why not set up a table or booth to represent Good Push and a handful of other world-wide collectives and initiatives. We could display a host of past projects and the affiliations, aspirations for future etc. Could be a real opportunity for exposure and recruitment, donations etc.

If this gets your attention, or you have additional ideas to pile on please, please, get a hold of me soon. Either find me on FB as Vaughan Smith-Neville Lin. or PM me.....or better yet Join my W.W.S.A.A.P. group and we can all discuss on there in the comments, or while we're at it on here if that's best.


Hi Vaughan,

That's great thank you for thinking of us, and the event sounds awesome. Here are a few ideas: 

1. We could send over some print quality poster/flyers to print for Goodpush if you're interested to spread the word.

2. Connect with Michelle at Antisocial, I think she's also involved with VSC and she's a supporter of Skateistan/Goodpush

3. Reach out to Jeff Thorburn, who's doing some family skate meetups in False Creek (@eastvanskateclub on Instagram), he might be interested to get involved with what you're planning.

4. Reach out to Chris Ray ( , he's based near Vancouver, and involved with NewLine Skateparks and a handful of overseas initiatives too. I'm sure he'd be interested to see what's being planned and to take part in some way. 

Let me know if those leads are helpful and if you want any posters or flyers to print. My email is or you can message me on FB (Talia Marie / Queen's University).

From what I know from talking with my bro of bros Geoff Dermer, it's going, among other great things, to have speeches much like Malmo and S.A.

I'm actually bummed on the timing cause I'm way too slammed with other work unrelated to that and am extremely stretched thin. I'm thinking of a table or something, you know like a booth, with couch, or a table with a sign that says "helping very poor children with skateboarding is the best thing ever....change my fucking mind"...or something to that effect and recruit for several networks at once,... but I still haven't even spoken with Vlad, the mastermind, or even made a meeting in some time. I feel bad about that cause I'm so hyped on the whole thing like crazy right now, like you wouldn't believe.

Now... Michelle's all over it in whatever she's already doing, she's great, that's covered by default.

Posters would be huge!

Jeff I haven't yet had the pleasure, but he's on Insta....I'm 104 years old and still only communicate through FB. I'll get to him though, so thanks!

Chris is probably already involved as I hear Newline is picking out the speakers.

so far that's all I know, and it's now in mid November? and called "All Aboard".

Nailed it.....Perfect! {Thanks Vlad}


It's official....we have a booth.... There are a few rules like no fliers to keep the garbage down and no selling. But mostly up to us. Just ideas and networking here...and as far as I'm concerned recruiting. Oh, and if nothing else... a boat load of fun... !

Hit Geoff Dermer or I up. Let's swirl some ideas.

Geoff has more details at this point though.

Chat soon?

Hi Vaughan, Quite sure I'll be at the event. I'm not passing through Berlin on my way but will put my head together with Rhianon about how we could use a booth. Who else would want to be represented at said booth? Please feel free to email or FB me to discuss further.