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How can we make sure we all have access to the best quality skateboarding, arts and educational lessons available? Share your lesson plans and curriculum here for others to try out, or make a request if you're looking for a particular topic or resource. 


I had to really dig deep for these.... About 12 years ago we ran an ESL afterschool program that taught children English an Skateboarding at the same time.

We made a textbook and everything, here are some sample pages.Skate of mind FS

Hi Vaughan, these are great! Would you be willing to share the complete manual? I think our teams in South Africa and Cambodia would make good use of them during their English tutoring sessions.

I'm sure other groups on here would use them too!


stand by...

The Aspen Institute is a US organization that we often look to for guidance and inspiration, but particularly through their work in their Project Play program. 

They've recently launched their Teamwork Toolkit for community leaders and NGO practitioners that use sports for good.

Their site is top-notch, I think:

Take a look, get inspired.




Adlan from Malaysia here. wow the text design book  for after school program was awesome. do you have copies we can purchase? 

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