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When it comes to measuring the success of your organization/program(s), what are the top metrics and outcomes that you look for? 

I'm constantly seeking to improve this for our organization because it directly impacts our ability to share the story of SOLID and our vision with donors to raise funds. 


Hi Steven, 

Here are a few of our top metrics we are looking at:

  • Students level of confidence (growth mindset / self-efficacy) e.g. % students who believe they can… (Spend time studying, Do well in school, Enjoy skateboarding, Learn new skateboard tricks, Make mistakes and learn from them)
  • % of students who feel safe at Skateistan
  • Community members perceive Skateistan as a positive environment
  • % of students who have a role model at Skateistan they can trust
  • % of students who make new friends from a background unique from their own at Skateistan each year
  •  % students believe they can improve their grades
  • % students believe they can get good at difficult subjects
  • % students who believe they can graduate from high school

We check these using questionnaires throughout the year. Happy to discuss more!



Hey Steven, Talia and others, 

I am currently developing a way to collect data and a way to measure impact of our pilot program (Women Skate The World - Amsterdam).

Do you guys have any relevant literature, existing theories or scientific research on using skateboarding (or sports in general) for a bigger purpose/greater social impact?


Kim Butter

Hi Kim,

Great questions! Here are a few relevant articles I found, let me know if I'm on the right track. They aren't skate specific. I believe Concrete Jungle Foundation is working on something directly linked to a skate curriculum. 

How to Monitor and Evaluate Sport for Development Projects (2009)

Youth Sport Programs - an avenue to foster positive youth development (2005)

Move & Learn - training manual for non-formal education through sport and physical activities with young people (2013)



We heard from Southampton Skate at the PB conference and Jamie mentioned they'd used the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scales. There can be a lot of benefit to using a verified research-based scale. Apparently this one has a short version, which makes it suitable for use with kids.


If you haven't seen our Goodpush Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning toolkit yet on this site, take a look here

It has an example participant survey for skate projects, as well as external resources such as the Sport and Development toolkit

Kim, as far as research goes, there are plenty of academic articles out there looking at the effectiveness of sport for youth development, though not really much on skateboarding specifically – yet! If you're interested, I wrote this paper last year about Trauma-Informed Skateboarding Programs for my Masters and some of the References cited at the end could be interesting for you to look into. 

Thanks Talia and Rhianon! It will be super interesting to read these! In the meantime our pilot program started, but I can definitely use it in the future.

I have indeed seen the Goodpush MEL toolkit, it was super helpful, thanks. 


Sounds great Kim, let us know how it goes!