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Has your project been the subject of a documentary (short or full)? Share it here! 


Freedom of Space

A documentary about the interaction of skateboarding and public space.
Shot in 2006 on 16mm Film and Mini-DV as part of the Fuel TV experiment. (USA)


This show on Facebook did an episode on Rollin from the Heart and donated $30,000 to us. It was an interesting experience as they didn't let on who they were until the very end and even though the video had a few million views on facebook they did not link to our site or give people a call to action to get involved. It was an honor to be on the show and get the donation but also could have been executed better.

Here is an awesome video of our program told through the experience of our kids. It was made by our great friend Diego Meek and we love it.

It's amazing to hear about Skate After School in the words of the kids because with how hectic some of the sessions can be, I don't always get to sit down and chat with the kids about what they're thinking.



Hi everyone! 

I watched all the video’s and they are amazing! Great work.


At Kovalam Skateclub we also have a little short video Made by local Indian filmmakers! 

Kovalam Skateclub is a social skateproject that promotes education and gender equality in the slum area of Vizhinjam, India, through the use of skateboarding!

here is the link:


I didn't know you had a video, it's great to see you giving the kids opportunities to travel and do contests in other parts of India, they look so stoked about it! 

Thank you Rhianon!!

Thanks for sharing this sharne jacobs ! It's great to see your organisation growing so fast!