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Here's a space to put any materials related to mental health and skateboarding. To kick off, here's a link to the Push to Heal short doc on Vimeo.


I was sent a few videos from the Southbank (London, UK) project that I think connects in many ways to mental and social health. These were introduced to me by Dr. Pollyanna Ruiz, Senior Lecturer in Media and Communications at University of Sussex.

You Can't Move History (22:30)

This video is filled with images and interviews that testify to the connective power of skateboarding and skate places.

You Can Make History (22:50)

This video focuses on the Southbank project goals, strategies, and actions that resulted in the space becoming officially recognized and afforded skateboarding access. This has more to skate activism and reveals a lot of the structural components to space-making efforts.

A new documentary by Oscar-winning filmmaker (and skater/snowboarder) Orlando von Einsiedel about his younger brother's suicide has just been released on Netflix today. Orlando made one of the first films about Skateistan and his films are very powerful – with this one obviously being an extremely personal journey and potentially triggering for those affected by losing loved ones to suicide.

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