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Thought it could be handy to get an idea of which social skate projects from around the world will be making it to Pushing Boarders in Malmo this year. I'll kick it off with a list of organizations that I've been in touch with so far who'll have at least one person at the event:

  • Concrete Jungle Foundation
  • Make Life Skate Life
  • Skate Nottingham
  • SkatePal
  • 7Hills
  • Bangladesh Street Kids Aid (BSKA)
  • College Skateboarding Educational Foundation (CSEF)
  • Decks 4 Change
  • Free Movement
  • Girls Skate India
  • Harold Hunter Foundation
  • High Five
  • Hull Service
  • Hyped Dayton
  • Stockholm Skate Nation
  • Innoskate
  • Neighbour Skate
  • Rollbrett Workshop
  • Sesh DK
  • Skate After School
  • Skate Southampton 
  • Skate World Better
  • Skate Like a Girl (SLAG)
  • Tony Hawk Foundation
  • Women Skate the World
  • Wonders Around the World
  • Bryggeriet
  • Skateistan

Any other social skate projects gonna be there that I'm missing? 

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