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If you're working with a social skateboarding project in Africa, we want to invite you to attend the very first Goodpush Summit, hosted by Skateistan South Africa! Full details below:


When: October 2-5, 2019
Where: Skateistan South Africa (Johannesburg)

Skateistan is very excited to invite you to attend the first Goodpush Summit on October 2-5, 2019, hosted by Skateistan South Africa in Johannesburg. This special, knowledge-sharing event will bring together 20-30 founders, managers and mentors who are involved in social skateboarding projects in Africa and worldwide.

What Will Happen at the Goodpush Summit?
This event will feature interactive workshops on a range of topics relevant for social skateboarding organizations. Check out the agenda here!

The aims of the Goodpush Summit are to create a space for social skateboarding organizations to share best practices and challenges, increase collaboration, and grow their peer support network.

Apply to Attend Now!
Due to space limitations, we request that each organization nominate one key team member to attend the event. We strongly encourage participation from women and people local to the communities they work in. Please apply to attend using our online form by 30 August, 2019. Seats will be offered on first-come, first-served basis.

Costs and Logistics
Participation in the Goodpush Summit is free, however Skateistan is unable to cover travel, accommodation or meal costs for the event participants. 

About the Goodpush Alliance
The Goodpush Alliance is an initiative by Skateistan to support and share knowledge among social skateboarding projects worldwide, so that we can make a bigger impact together.

Goodpush Summit Flyer






I'm looking forward to seeing everybody there! I lived in Johannesburg for a few years so here are a few tips and recommendations I can share for getting around, staying safe and having fun:


Getting around:

- Talk to people, say hi, and be friendly when shopping and walking around - people in Johannesburg are generally very welcoming and interested to meet new people. 

- You can use the local bus and shared taxi system safely during the day.

- Ask a local for exact instructions on how to use the shared taxis as it's very specific to each area and there are hand signals to use. Locals will happily give you a lesson.



- At night I highly recommend using Uber. You have the option to pay your Uber with cash in SA (last time I checked).

- Avoid walking long distances at night outside the few well-lit neighbourhoods and areas with security.

- Don't carry unnecessary valuables with you if you are walking a distance in the daytime outside of the immediate area of Skateistan / Maboneng.

- Leave the office/skatepark before dark, and take an Uber if it's gotten dark by the time you leave.

- Be careful crossing the street and look in all directions. Cars and shared taxis will not slow down for pedestrians.

- When driving or as a passenger in a car keep doors locked and phones/valuables out of sight or in the trunk.

- Don't text while walking - keep your phone in your pocket and pay attention to your surroundings. 



- Shops and shopping malls close early, so try to do your shopping on the weekend or at lunch time.

- The closest big grocery story is Spar. It's a 20 minute walk from the skate school, or a 5 minute Uber.

- The neighbourhoods of Braamfontein and Melville have some nice clubs and bars for dancing. Maboneng also has night life and there are many pop-up parties too.

- Lots of skateparks to explore. Take a group uber to manage cost of getting out - most are a 20 minute drive or so. Edenvale (DIY), Germiston (huge snake run and deep bowl), YBF (street, a bit farther away), and Boogaloos (transition and street) are a few to check out. 

- There are lots of tours and museums. The Curiocity Backpackers can help you make a plan. 

- This inner city tour of the notorious Ponte City apartment building and neighbourhood of Hillbrow is a little pricey but pretty incredible:








Throwback to the opening day demo from the Birdhouse team at Skateistan South Africa, Aug 2016. The video includes some clips of the team skating a few parks and seeing the sites around Johannesburg. 



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