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Hi everyone,

If you're having any problems with how the forum works or have ideas to make it better in future, please feel free to share them with us here. 


It'd be cool if a post can be "liked" by a reader. If that's already a function - my bad! :) 


Keep up the good work. 


Hi swolfe, good idea! We will look into what's possible -- thanks for your input.

We also want to set up the ability for people to get notifications by email for updates on certain threads, but we aren't there yet!

Maybe I missed it but there's gotta be a way to edit my intro....yikes! 🤗

See...I told you I needed an Edit button! My thumbs betray me often!

The edit button is on our list for sure! We were on a tight timeline to launch and this is one of the things we will definitely set up! Thanks for the input.

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