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My name is Evan Olszak, and I am a third year student at Cal Poly SLO studying Construction Management. I am a lifelong passionate skateboarder, and have taken a great interest in organizations like Skateistan. I am inspired by the work that these organizations are doing for their surrounding communities with Skateboarding. I am currently on the search for any internship or volunteer opportunities to get my foot in the door, and gain some experience in this field. I love to travel, and love new experiences. Being able to help people through a sport that I love is a dream of mine, and I believe that with my construction experience and education I am prepared to take on this type of work.

So if anyone knows of any organizations that could offer me some experience in this field or have any pointers on who to talk to or where to look that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Evan Olszak


Thanks for sharing rubymateja. I'm especially stoked to hear about Make Life Skate Life!

ejolszak - I founded a non-profit, Beyond the Board, that's currently onboarding new team members and volunteers.
Please send me an email if that's something you may be interested in: 

Hi desgnarlais, thank you for the information. I have reached out over e-mail!