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Hello there, My name is John French and I run the MOSS Foundation in Spain. I am originally from Melbourne and MOSS stands for Melbourne Old School Skateboarders. As well as running a group of 60 artists here in Barcelona, I also work as an English teacher and I have two teenage children. Before I came to Spain I worked in the NGO sector in the UK and I am currently looking for new work opportunities here with NGOs. Please contact me if you have any suggestions at or WhatsApp +34 634 783 071. Meanwhile here is a short video about my work with MOSS Barcelona. Cheers! 


Hi John, thanks for your post and sharing more about MOSS Foundation. I'm not sure about work or NGO opportunities in Barcelona but there are a few social skate initiatives happening in other parts of Spain that maybe you want to connect to. One is called Haszten which runs all kinds of sport programs for children with disabilities, and another is Daibai Skateboarding which has an indoor skatepark and social programs in Gernika.  

Thanks Rhianon,

I've been doing a little photographic projects, asking skaters about their political/philosophical ideas. Everyone I ask is over 18 years old and curiously, I've noticed the women seem to be more forthcoming with ideas than the men. Still, I'm pretty impressed by what I've been discovering. The sense of community is perhaps the biggest factor. I feel like an anthropologist. I am also trying to document what is happening at the moment here in Barcelona, having lived through skating and punk in the 70s and 80s, I feel what I am witnessing now is really is quite special. BCN has become a skate Mecca.

OK, Cheers y estamos en contacto.

Saludos desde España!


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