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I’ve been called delusional for believing that my project has any potential. As it stands, I seem to be the only person who truly believes in my project, and I’m beginning to lose interest in it myself. I wrote an approximately 221-word mission statement to try to describe what I hope to achieve with my project, which can be found on my profile. In summary, I live in a small town in North Alabama that is surrounded by other towns that have been occupied by people with an interest in skateboarding for many years. One of these towns has made progress in the past couple of years in terms of getting a skatepark and now having two skate shops. I want to help close the disparity gap between skateboarders in other similar towns. In most of these rural towns, skateboarding isn’t much of a priority despite the fact that there are small groups of skaters in these towns. I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring people together to build obstacles and stay committed to skateboarding despite having limited resources. In contrast to fresh new skateparks, I believe that DIY spaces are much more appealing in terms of building community. People tend to appreciate things more when they have built them themselves, etc.


Hi curb_clown  thanks for sharing your project and experiences so far. It can be very hard in the early days of a social skate project to get momentum, and takes a lot of persistence. Have you spoken with other skaters in your town or nearby towns about your idea? If you can get 2 or 3 more people interested to help out it can really help to build bigger momentum. Maybe this year you can try to just set one realistic goal, like organizing an event in the summer that you advertise in all the nearby towns and to all the nearby skaters? This could be a DIY obstacle build which maybe the skate shops would be interested to support with some funds for building materials. You can also try to get the skaters from the different towns connected via a Whatsapp group. 

It's hard to be the person starting something new like this but don't give up!