Take part in the 2023 Survey of Social Skateboarding Projects Worldwide!

It’s that time again – Skateistan and Pushing Boarders are calling on all social skate projects to participate in our 6th annual survey of social skateboarding worldwide! 


Over the past six years we’ve been working to track the trends, changes and progress among hundreds of social skate projects around the world. Please take a few minutes to add your own contribution to the big picture and help demonstrate our collective impact in 2023!

If you filled it out in past years, please fill it out again for 2023. This way, we can show how our community is progressing each year. Collecting this data helps social skate projects to get the support and resources they need, through the Goodpush Alliance and beyond.


social skate survey 2023


(Pesquisa mundial de 2023 sobre projetos sociais de skate - Portuguese Version)


(2023 Maailmanlaajuinen kyselytutkimus Sosiaalisen Skeittauksen hankkeista - Finnish Version)


(Enquête 2023 sur les projets de skateboard social dans le monde - French Version)


If you need encouragement, here are three good reasons to take part in the survey:

  1. Get put on the map! Your project will be added to the map of social skateboarding! The Goodpush map shows who is working in which countries, helping all of us to connect with each other. 
  2. Contribute to knowledge-sharing! The results will be shared online so you can learn more about other projects. Each year, the survey results are published (see our 2022 report) so that the information is accessible to everyone.
  3. Funds and support! The data helps social skate projects to get support and the resources they need. Previous survey results have been used by skate companies and donors to guide their funding and equipment donations to social skateboarding projects, and have also helped our Goodpush Alliance team to create new free resources, e-courses and webinars to support your work. 

Last year, 152 social skateboarding projects worldwide filled in the survey, and we hope to hear from even more this year!

A huge thank you to Cibele Garcia, Clemence Malleret and Tiina Santamo for the translations of the survey 🌸


social skate survey 2023