COVID-19 Sharing Responses Webinars

All of us are affected to some degree by the current coronavirus pandemic. Most of our regular skateboarding-based programs have been put on hold, we’re unsure about how to keep staff and volunteers involved, postponing events, and concerned about fundraising. And amidst all of this, we are trying to adapt to stay connected to our communities and children or youth that we work with. This is a situation that we have never encountered before, and we are all facing it together. 

We wanted to take this unique chance to organize informal webinars for the global Goodpush community – to invite you to talk about your current challenges and how you are finding ways to respond to this new reality. See the recordings and recaps below!

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Webinar #1: April 16

The Goodpush Alliance hosted a COVID-19 Sharing Webinar with more than 40 staff from 25+ social skateboarding projects to discuss and share on how everyone is coping with the coronavirus crisis globally. We had an awesome discussion and there were some great ideas for collaboration. Here’s some of the key takeaways:

  • The importance of our staff and volunteers looking after their own wellbeing before focusing on supporting their participants.
  • That many of our projects provide valuable social connection and roll models for kids that we serve, even when our usual skateboarding programs can’t happen.
  • While different contexts affect how we can adapt our programs (for example the level of internet access participants have) we also share many common challenges and solutions.
  • These unique circumstances have made many social skate project more open and available for collaboration, since – for the first time – this is just as easy to do across distances as it is within our own cities, and we will be able to adapt our programs more quickly if we work together.

You can watch the recording below!

Webinar #2: April 30

We heard from guest speakers Kristin Ebeling (Skate Like a Girl) and Talia Kaufman (Skateistan), who talked a bit about their ideas for adapting skate programs for new social-distancing and hygiene rules post-lockdown.  There were over 50 people in attendance, representing social skateboarding projects from all around the world.  

You can read some of the ideas that came up on this Jamboard, and you can watch the Webinar recording below:

Webinar #3: May 14

The suggested topic was: Mutual Aid – within this group, and within our local communities. How can we share our resources/knowledge to help each other out during these times?

You can watch the Webinar recording below:



Topic is still to be confirmed. 

You can register for these webinars here. Hope to see you there!