Announcing our 2019 Goodpush Partners!

When we launched our call for new Goodpush partners this year we had no idea how many initiatives using skateboarding for social change would be interested to apply. In the end, we were overwhelmed and excited to receive more than 65 applications from 30 countries!

It has been amazing to see the quality and diversity of work being done by organizations using skateboarding for good around the world. We would love to be able to work directly with them all but in the end we had the very difficult task of choosing our top three.

We are proud to announce the following 2019 Goodpush Partners:

Over the next six months, they’ll receive:

  • Support calls / emails for their programming and organizational development challenges
  • A $500 award to put towards their programs
  • Safety gear for skate programming
  • Funding to attend the first Goodpush conference, hosted by Skateistan South Africa in October 2019

If your project wasn’t selected, don't worry – there are other ways to be an active member of the Goodpush Alliance!

One of the key aims of the Goodpush Alliance is to connect social skate projects with each other through events and our online community.

Something that was clear from all of the social skate projects that applied was that there's a huge interest in opportunities to collaborate with each other and share knowledge.

With this in mind, we are stoked to launch our very first Goodpush webinar! We’ll be kicking off with the very important topic of Child Protection, developed in response to the dozens of skateboarding for good projects that would like to improve their child safety knowledge and practices.

DATE: June 20, 2019
TIME: 3pm Berlin CEST (9am NYC | 6:30pm New Delhi)


  • Imran Khan, Child Protection Manager at Skateistan
  • Rhianon Bader, Goodpush Program Manager at Skateistan

This webinar will cover the basics of child protection, the essential policies to have, and how to build understanding of child safety across your team.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW – spaces are limited!